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What can I recycle here?

We specialize in the hard to recycle items that can't get picked up by your curbside recycling. Click here for the list and images to help guide you.

Why do I have to pay for this recycling?

Difficult to recycle items are difficult because while they are technically recyclable, there isn't a market for these items, so often we have to pay a processor to recycle the material. Other costs that your $25 drop off fee pays for is the truck to take the items into the various processors in Vancouver and Portland, Gas, Staff time, business overhead and sometime recycling fees.

We are also trying to build a community around recycling in the Gorge and will continue to invest in improving our services.

Why am I paying to recycle items that companies create?

There are no laws in place that say companies are responsible for the items they make, including packaging. That is starting to change. In Oregon we passed a recent bill, Oregon Plastic Pollution and Recycling Modernization Act that will come into effect in 2025.  This will go towards improving recycling collection and processing systems throughout the state.

If you want to support this, let your representatives know you would like to see more Extended Producer Responsibility laws for products that companies make, and we as individuals and cities get stuck with.

I want to help, how can I?

We love to hear this. And we have a few ways that you can support us.

Become a member - and collect your as well as your friends/neighbors items and bring them in to be recycled. And check out our wish list, if there is something on there you can donate we would appreciate it.

What happens to our recycling after it's been collected?

GSP transports the collected recyclables to several recycling partners in the Portland area.  Check out our recycling partners websites:

Clamshells/sometimes film

Plastics 1-5:


Plastics 1-6:

#6 and Polystyrene foam:

 Plastics 1 -6:

Plastics 1- 6:

Squishy poly propylene foam:

Polyethylene foam:  

NOTE:  Our partners can deny accepting recyclables at their facility depending on market pricing. Simply put...if they can't make a buck, they don't want the goods.

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